«Våningshuset» is the main building on the estate.
A part of this building has been converted into a guestroom, with its own entrance.
The interior is nostalgic 30’s with a and includes a bathtub and a small kitchen.

– Located on the 1st floor.
– A nice and private alternative for couples.

What we call it both suit it right in the hood house with its own entrance up the stairs it is defined interior from the 30’s furniture with furniture from the main house that was use in its time they had a special function in the familia hesla interior.
Vaaningshuset consist of 50 m2, with a large and beautiful light blue color on the walls that was much used in those times. we want and recreate the good and fine style from that time, which gives even more character after use. There is also a large double bed, and a bathroom with a bathtub. kitchen is small but with everything one needs for a short stay. TV; WI-FI electric fireplace on the road, nice lamps that are in the style of completely.price 1000kr per day


Historical architecture from the Medieval age. Built in 1642. In this house food was stored.
Now you are welcome to experience and sleep in this medieval environment.


-Located on the 1st floor.
-Up to 3 people can stay here.

This apartment features a satellite TV, seating area and oven.


Here Gunhild used to live. Nice elegant nostalgic style on a typical Norwegian farm. Includes a bathroom with a laundry machine a kitchen and a balcony. Entrance on ground floor. Suitable for a family. Who was Gunhild?, ask Knut!

Gunhildsbu consist of a large bedroom with double bed, with modern bathroom also interior is designer with antique height cabinets from 1800s that were bought in Holland 80 years ago by the family Hesla.-
Also in the beautiful apartments, guests can also enjoy live stays with commercial kitchens fully equipped for making delicious meals and enjoying themselves with the family. there is also a large balcony facing the idyllic green area.
it is specially decorated, with beautiful lamps that fit, and stands in the style of henhetle in designer and interior,, with fireplace.grill and garden furniture.
Floor plan consist of 80m2 TV, Wi-fi washing machine, dishwasher, and linen and towels are included. welcome home. price 1400 for 4 people. heat pump



«Kårhuset», our rustic-style farmhouse from the 1800’s contains 2 bedrooms, a large bathroom with bathtub and shower, laundry machine and a combined living-room and kitchen. Located on the 1st floor. Suitable for a family. The interior style is nostalgic, rustic ‘Halling style’ from 1950. It’s located upstairs, on top of Gunhildbu.

It is decorated with peasants quiet furniture, and with pastel colors in the timber roads, large bathroom, with bath, modern kitchen. kitchen is well equipped with everything needed to have an experience to made pleasant meal. apartments consist of 80 m2, with the bedroom one with double bed, and one with 2 single beds. it also has a large balcony with garden views towards to the stunning green area, and the mountains
There is room for 4 people. the price is 1450 per day. TV. Wi-fi, washing machine, bed linen and towels are included .welcome home. heat pump


Old historic family house with typical contemporary architecture from 18th century

– Entrance is on ground floor.
– A suitable option for couples, or a small family

It is the most Norwegian style, recreating the timeless cabin feel, with traditional Norwegian rose-painted furniture from the 1850s, large cabinets handmade the beds are also handmade from that time. hallingstua is an apartment with a history of shells and core.
Hallingstua consist of 70m2, kitchen, bathroom, large fireplace, has two entrances ver with its own garden, lamps and interior harmonize with its era of good and delicate style. TV, WI-fi. room for 4 people price 1470.
welcome to a special experience. heat pump

Stabbur no. 2

The apartment from the 17th century is a completely renovated interior, with ribbon set, with a wonderful bathroom with stone sink. beds are rose paint handmade interior is adapt to the era.
it consist of 2 floors on the ground floor there is kitchen and social area TV, WI-FI. on the second floor there are bedrooms and the beautiful bathroom. it has a balcony facing the courtyard
On the roof of the storage cage was a bell from the 16th century, which rings at 09 for breakfast which was in the old days on the large farm, it is a walk with a lot of history and nostalgia. the price is 1300 per day.


Standard two Single Beds. Ensuite bathroom.

Great choice for travelers interested in active time spending and sports.

It is a modern small hotel room with 2 single beds, modern and new bathroom.TV. ceramic floors. for two people the price is 700kr per day.